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Training Developers to be Technical Leaders Through a Plan for Lifelong Learning

Weirich provides organizations with someone to partner with as they look to help their internal teams of developers level up.

Dedicated Expert Instruction

Weirich students spend time in workshops led by the skilled Crafters of 8th Light. These workshops will expose them to new concepts, challenge them with technical problems, and foster an environment where students can learn and thrive.


We directly mentor software developers and provide formal Mentor Training to ensure that your teams are prepared to grow a culture of mentorship at your organization.

Regular Code Reviews & Challenges

Students are assigned programming challenges - both solo and in pairs - and their work is reviewed and feedback is delivered by instructors.

Collaborative Learning Environment

Often lacking in a developer's career is the proper environment to support rapid growth and learning. At Weirich, students will find themselves in the perfect situation to grow into senior positions.

About Us

8th Light's commitment to software education and apprenticeship

At 8th Light, we're strong believers in employer-sponsored continuing education. It's absolutely critical that software development organizations provide ongoing support and training for their teams of developers. After years of providing this type of high-quality training internally through our own apprenticeship program and externally through training partnerships with various organizations, we launched Weirich in 2017.

With Weirich we are offering companies a continuing education partner. Whether it's group classroom training, working with you to bring a training-based holistic on-boarding to your organization, or training your senior-level team members to be effective mentors, we can be your trusted partner as you level-up your team through a plan for lifelong learning.

Through Weirich, companies can support their teams of developers by providing the resources required for a truly impactful educational experience.