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Why Make a Time and Financial Investment in Continuing Education?

A company that invests in the professional development of their people is going to have a significant competitive advantage over other companies in their industry.

  • Highly-skilled developers Fewer defects and faster feature delivery
  • Engaged, inspired team members Serve as change agents, helping everyone improve
  • Developers who understand intersection of software and business Build the right products the right way
  • Culture that values education and quality Improved retention and better hires

When you have a team of developers who are consistently and rapidly improving, sharing their knowledge with other developers, and committing to build the highest quality products, you give your business the best chance to succeed. You need developers who can wear multiple hats, those individuals who can effectively collaborate with sales and product managers while leading high-level architecture discussions with teams of developers. These are the people who hold everyone accountable to ensure that the systems being built are reliable, maintainable and provide maximum value to the business.